The Inviso Intelligence Platform

Your Social Media Intelligence Ally
The multiple methods and techniques used by criminals and terrorists on social media makes it extremely challenging for intelligence agencies to efficiently keep up with the latest “trends”, making detection and intervention a cumbersome task.

The Inviso Intelligence platform is a turnkey, fully customisable software solution for LEA for analysing social media content for detecting terrorist and other criminal activity in real time, detecting content, users and scoring for potential threats, plus many more advanced features powered by our novel Insikt Semantic Technology. Learn more about Inviso’s features.
The Inviso Intelligence Platform, fills an important “intelligence gap” unsatisfied by other social media analytics products. Since time is crucial in detecting potentially dangerous issues, real data-driven decision making can only be made possible by highly scientific tools such as Inviso.

There is no limit to what your Intelligence Analysts can do with Inviso. Contact us today for a live demo.