Why Insikt Intelligence

Scientific Expertise at the Service of Law Enforcement

Getting real intelligence from Social Media is infamously difficult. We are here to change all that.

We are Insikt Intelligence and our passion is building easy to use yet scientifically complex tools for helping Law Enforcement Agencies gain vital intelligence from digital sources data applying Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to live data streams. Insikt’s mission is to harness our technology for the good of society by putting tools with the potential to prevent crime and save lives in the hands of LEAs who struggle to find meaning in the data deluge produced by social media.

Natural Language Processing (making computers understand the written word as a human would) is Insikt’s scientific core, and we have developed proprietary algorithms for highly accurate semantic analysis of massive amounts of data from social media in real time. Our specific background in analysis of social media content makes us the perfect partner for law enforcement agencies looking to extract real insight from social media by means of cutting-edge semantic science.

In addition to NLP, Insikt also specializes in applying other complex analyses to social media content and communities as well as complex Data Mining techniques to process large data sets to help our customers investigate and discover patterns in content and connections between users, unearthing hidden insights.